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Every single race that is within the game, with the exception of the player race Rogue and the minion race Skeleton, also serves as a mob in the game.

List of RacesEdit

  • Rogue: Gets a damage bonus when attacking enemies from behind, large search radius.
  • Kobold: Stats are calculated: level + per level + random x per level. Thus making the Kobold randomly terrible or good at a high level as a result of the Chaotic Learning ability. [source]
  • Goblin: Has the highest movement and attack speeds; good for hit-and-run tactics.
  • Orc: Highest attack, doesn't usually run away.
  • Troll: Regenerates health, doesn't usually run away.
  • Gnoll: Gets better loot from chests, more likely to find hearts from enemies.
  • Drow: Infravision allowing sight in the dark and locating enemies, doesn't usually run away.
  • Cactuar: Damage reflection when hit, doesn't usually run away.
  • Nymph: Most active AI, has a chance of stealing enemy gear, very cowardly; retreats most often.
  • Vampire: Steals life when it damages enemies, is Undead, doesn't usually run away.
  • Werewolf: Never retreats from a battle, can turn others into werewolves, will get randomly stunned.
  • Mimic: Steals the form (abilities) of the last thing it hit for a time, never retreats from a battle.
  • Naga: Causes enemies to bleed when hit, doesn't usually run away.
  • Gorgon: Causes enemies to be stunned often when hit, doesn't usually run away.

(All races below will never retreat from battle.)

  • Umber Hulk: Can cause confusion in enemies.
  • Golem: Very slow speed, very high defense.
  • Banshee: Causes a fear attack, is Undead.
  • Wraith: Will go through walls, is Undead.
  • Mind Flayer: Can steal XP and therefore gain more of it.
  • Rakshasa: Can cause Chaos.
  • Balrog: Superior combat skills, a little slower in attack speed.
  • Skeleton: Your default minion, weaker than Rogue stats-wise, bonus from attacking enemies from behind, large search radius.
  • Husband: Has the exact same attributes and abilities as Rogue.

Note also that Undead races are unaffected by curses. As such, they are free to unequip and/or drop cursed items.

Race Stats SpreadsheetEdit

A table of specific stats for each race can be found here.

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