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Floor Boss

Baihu, an example of a floor boss.

Floor bosses are stronger versions of normal enemies, are named, and are more difficult to defeat. They are identified with a red cape behind their heads that has white horns on it. Floor bosses get standard race bonuses as well as their own bonuses. Note that if a floor boss is polymorphed, it will become a floor boss for whatever race it becomes.

This list is not complete, and it also requires further background information.

Drow: Crowley, regenerates health, named after the Baldur's Gate evil elf-cleric.

Kobold: Pun Pun, max kobold stats, named after the most powerful D&D character ever.

Vampire: Edward, sparkles, named after a character of the Twilight series.

Goblin: Golfimbul, always suffers decapitation, named after the Lord of the Rings character whose fate allegedly gave rise to the game of golf.

Troll: Forchan, level 20 regeneration. He may call you a faggot.

Nymph: The Bitch, always succeeds every steal attempt.

Gorgon: Medusa, attack inflicts slow as well as stun, named after the character of Greek myth that turned people to stone.

Orc: Lurtz, always equipped with a high level bow, named after the Lord of the Rings character who killed Boromir.

Gnoll: Anubis, undead with undead enchanted armor, named after the Egyptian god.

Cactuar: Sabotenquid, confusion attack.

Werewolf: Roulette, polymorphs victim into a random race instead of a werewolf.

Naga: Aapep, fear attack.

Umber Hulk: Khepri, has a random number of lives.

Golem: Frankenstein, made of blood instead of stone, regenerates health.

Banshee: Sadako, can walk through walls.

Mind Flayer: Cthulu, simultaneous fear and confusion attack, named after the tentacled Lovecraftian character.

Rakshasa: Baihu, always equipped with a blessed weapon, does half damage travelling east and double damage travelling west.

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