Every death of creature or rogue give unique message to player.

Cause of deathEdit

  • By someone
​This is the most common cause of death.
  • By bleed
If someone eat blood rune, hit by blood rune, attacked by Naga, or attacked by weapons enchanted with blood rune, that cause bleed on that one.
Decapitated head will cause a chunk of damage on victim
The horror summoned by fear rune or fear trap can do that.

Death messagesEdit

All of races shall be dead by decapitated by other creature.

  • Rogue: finished
  • Kobold: Punished
  • Goblin: stopped
  • Orc: beat
  • Troll: gutted
  • Gnoll: robbed
  • Drow: blinded
  • Cactuar: planted
  • Nymph: spanked
  • Vampire: drained
  • Werewolf: tamed
  • Mimic: splinted
  • Naga: skinned
  • Gorgon: perified
  • Umber hulk: befuddled
  • Golem: Shattered
  • Banshee: Silented
  • Wraith: Dispersed
  • Mind flayer: squished
  • Rakshasa: declawed
  • Balrog: defeated
  • Skeleton: smashed
  • Husband: divorced

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